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Madras Arts & Cultural Association, a.k.a. MACA. We`re are a non-profit organization, based in Toronto, Canada, established to promote South Indian culture. We`re one of the fastest growing and largest organizations in North America.

We try to meet the needs of every member in a family; whether you`re a parent, who wants to network & socialize, or a grand parent interested in meeting the same age group or a teen waiting to discover your hidden talents, MACA provides you an opportunity to do so. We`re proud of what we`ve achieved and excited about what we can achieve. Welcome to our site and enjoy the taste of Indian culture.

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Community Events
Fundraising Music Concert - May 6 2017

Vairamuthu's Excellent Speech in Dubai Muthamizh Sangam

Vairamuthu`s excellent speech in Dubai Tamil Sangam. He introduces Srinivas as Music Director in the Stage. Watch his reaction when Alka Ajith sings his lines.

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பீலிபெய் சாகாடும் அச்சிறும் அப்பண்டஞ்
சால மிகுத்துப் பெயின்.

The axle tree of a bandy, loaded only with peacocks` feathers will break, if it be greatly overloaded.

மயில் இறகாக இருந்தாலும்கூட அதிகமாக ஏற்றப்பட்டால் வண்டியின் அச்சு முறிகின்ற அளவுக்கு அதற்குப் பலம் வந்து விடும்.

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