About Us

Madras Arts & Cultural association aka maca was started during 1997 and registered as a not for profit organization. Nest year maca is celebrating its 25th anniversary in a grand style throughout the year.  MACA is one of the largest south Indian association in North America with more than 500 families. The association is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

The core objective is to preserve and nurture the Tamil language culture and Arts in Toronto GTA. With this in mind MACA started cultural school located in east and west end. This is to preserve and nurture our tradition and values for the future generation. 2 hours weekly class teach Tamil and Heritage to students who are from 5 to 12 years.

MACA conducts 2 major mega events to celebrate Chithirai Vizha and Deepavali. MACA also conducts periodical events for:

 maca music - A team of dedicated, service-minded youth and adults based in Toronto. Mini concerts are regularly conducted to show case the talents of young musician. This inspire other youth to pursue their music and perform in future concerts.

Thamizh Arangam – A forum for Tamil literature lovers. Interesting Discussions, debate and lectures take place these periodical meetings. We are fortunate to have many eminent Tamil scholars who attend these meetings and inspire other members to showcase their talents.

Traditional Games Mela – periodical meetings gives opportunity for kids and youth to learn our ancient games like aadu puli aatam, thayam, pallankuzhi, paramapadham…….. from elders. An healthy friendly environment for elders and youngsters to interact. Besides these games regular games like carom,chess and cards are also played.

Jolly Junior – This is exclusively for tiny tots from age 2 to 9. Regular meets at Chuck e cheese, Treasure island….In addition there are events to showcase their talents in coloring, drawing, Thirukural recitation, fancy dress………

Mitra Services – Whenever there is any job opportunity, it is posted in maca website. Annual workshops are conducted for new comers in interview skills, resume writing…. by HRD experts.

MACA Website – This site caters to the need of members to post personal messages in “members Message” section, broadcast birthday dates of their dear ones in maca calendar for their relatives and friends to see, post advertisement in website at nominal rates. In addition in the interst of our Tamil community, daily kural with English and Tamil meaning, weekly posting of interesting videos, daily motivational image quotes and maca calendar with info on religious dates, ammavasai and pournami and chathurthi’s.




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