Mitra Services



Immigrating to the new country and facing a new environment, different languages, different lifestyle and much more are challenging and stressful enough in itself. On top of that, finding a job to sustain yourself and your family is a huge challenge. MACA Mitra Services understand the difficulty and would like to extend help through the members.

Many MACA members are living in Canada for a very long time and we have an expansive professional network. As a newcomer, we would like you to take advantage of that. If you, any of your friends or family members have recently immigrated and looking for a job, please contact us and our members will help you find a job for free, and in addition, they will give you some insights on efficient ways to find a job and they will help you to enhance your resume. Mitra services also conduct free workshops that are presented by members who are Human Resource personnel and executives.


Mitra Services is not only for people who have recently immigrated. Existing MACA members can also use it. The objective of this service is to support the MACA community so they can live in Canada with ease and prosperityContact



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