MACA School

In line with our overall objective of promoting Tamilculture, MACA has established two schools called MACA TAMIL SCHOOL to teach Tamil language, one in the East end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and another in the West end of GTA to cater to the needs of our widespread community. 
The schools are being conducted during weekend and are meant for children & youth.  The objective of these schools is to promote learning of Tamil language (reading/ comprehension, speaking and writing).The schools are staffed by dedicated teachers who are passionate and committed to this mission. The schools are targeted at children in the age group of 4 to 15 years.
Presently we are conducting virtual class.We may have occational in-person classes for students to meet their teachers and co-stuents.
The West end school is conducted every Sunday from 11-1pm.  The East end school is conducted every Saturday from 10-12noon.
Fee Details: 
You need to be a MACA member for enrolling your kid. 
Yearly Tuition Fees - $180.00 
Term 1 - $100.00 Term 2 - $100.00
Yearly Tuition Fees with Sibling - $225.00 - Only Term 1 - $125.00 Only Term 2 - $ 125.00
If you have children in this age group, MACA highly recommends that you enroll them in one of the schools. 
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